Joining our club

We are a small non profit, all volunteer dance club.  We could NOT survive without our members.  Joining High Sierra Swing Dance Club helps support the club so we can continue to offer a monthly dance with an intermediate lesson at the Brewery Arts Center.  We also offer a weekly FREE pub night, with a FREE beginners lesson and a FREE social dance. We could not offer these things without the support and attendance of our members. 

Membership comes with the following perks:
(Membership runs January to January)
*FREE entrance the night you join for first time members
*$5 off every monthly lesson and dance.
*FREE holiday dance in December+ a surprise
*The knowledge you are helping our small club survive.

2024  Dues:  $35 January to January
            Pay at any dance  (cash or check only) or mail to:

           P.O.Box 2446, Carson City NV 89702-2446

For more info call Idie